Turkey Wants a Dozen More Marinas

PHOTO: Suat Eman

PHOTO: Suat Eman

Turkish news agencies are reporting that the country intends to add at least 20,000 berths for boats and yachts of various sizes within the next three years. They’ll be part of 12 new marinas to be built.

Turkey’s Transport and Maritime Ministry sees the move as being vital to ensuring the country can compete with other Mediterranean cruising destinations. France has long garnered the lion’s share of the megayacht market, for example, and Italy is further popular with megayachts. Spain joins France and Italy and having the vast majority of available berths—a 75-percent marketshare, according to news reports.

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The Transport and Maritime Ministry says that funding would come from a build-operate-transfer system (BOT). BOT is a financing arrangement in which the private or public sector provides a concession to another private entity to fund, design, build, and manage a facility. It therefore avoids relying on government funds for everything from the initial investment to the ongoing operation of the finished marinas. The arrangement is common around the world for infrastructure projects. In fact, BOT was used for 11 current marinas in Turkey, which have reportedly pumped millions of dollars into the local economies.

The plans don’t stop there. Ultimately, the Transport and Maritime Ministry foresees having 30,000 berths by 2023.